Best Lead Generation Strategy For Construction Trades.

Learn 4 Strategies That You Can Use To Generate More Leads For Your Business from your website online.

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What will you learn !

Lead Generation & Lead generation Funnel

Why having a fast loading website and a lead generation website funnel is key to lead generation success.

Lead Magnet What is it? & Why you should have it.

Why having a lead magnet so so important to your website’s traffic.

How to Get noticed online

Why the good old days are gone and now you need a digital marketing strategy. 

1) A Fast Loading Website & Lead Generation Funnel.

Having a fast loading and mobile website is essential these days: Fact that more than 75% of all searches are on a mobile device.
Online today people want to speed more than ever, we all get irritated if a website takes forever to load and in most cases, we leave the site and go to the competition’s website.

Your website needs to look good on all devices from desktop to tablets to mobile phones. If your website visitors zoom in and out to find or read things on your site you are going to lose them to your competitors and as a result, you will lose a potential client.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that your website tells your visitors who you are, what you offer and how to contact you in the first 3 to 10 seconds of their visit.

So if your website tick’s off all the boxes mentioned above now you need an irresistible offer for them to want to connect with you to ask for a quote from your business.

To be able to offer them this you need to understand your ideal customer and the buyer journey. For Example, some people might be looking to buy right away and others know that they want to do a new home build or renovation but they don’t know what they want yet so they are just browsing around.

Are you going to let them go without capturing their personal contact information and the possibility to keep them engaged with you until they are ready to buy?

Should you engage with them perfectly they now know, like and trust you. Which is key to getting new clients online.


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2) Lead Magnet

You want to have a Lead Magnet in place. This is an irresistible offer that is going to spark interest in your website’s visitors that they can trade you for by giving up their personal information, like their Name, email, and phone number.

Pro Tip: Remember to make sure to send this information to an automated email software and that when they get added to the list this software sends them an email on autopilot.

The key to having an irresistible offer is to really understand who is your target audience. This way you can create an effective lead magnet.

This 4 Part strategy is a lead magnet itself you wanted to know more about the strategy and you needed to give up your contact information to get it right?

All that you now need is to get noticed online.

To get people to see your amazing website these days is so much harder but not impossible.

You do need to drive targeted traffic to your website’s pages what does this mean? it means people that are actually searching for your product and since not everyone knows your brand you need the search engines and social media to do so.

Gone are the days that you could create a website and people would find it easily.

The best ways to do this is by Organic search what we call SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Paid Advertising PPC (Pay Per Click).

Now This article is not to teach you how to do SEO or PPC  its to tell you that you should have all this in place to have success online.


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2) Search engine Optimisation 

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) this is not a one fits all but, who hasn’t used the saying “just google it”! So everyone is on google and even though Google isn’t the internet and some may think it is, Google is the top search engine in the world and especially in South Africa.

Using SEO the right way is the best way to get targeted traffic and leads to your website. Imagine that you did amazing SEO and got to the top of google for the keyword:  Building Contractors Cape Town = 390 searches per month, statistics show that over 33% of all people searching will click on the first organic results, not the ads the free google listings. what could that mean in leads for your business per month?

Here’s the math = 390 / 100 x 33 = 128.7 new visitors to your website every month, now if your website converted those visitors at 10% (FYI: 10% is Good most poor websites convert at 3%) that would mean this = 128.7 / 100 x 10 = 12.87 new leads every single month. Now 12 new leads don’t sound like much, but think about it the average fee for a building job is at least R 3 000 to R 5 000 per job or more we will use this just as an example and that is the cheap builders we all know this.

Should you close 50% of the leads that SEO has produced that would mean that you would have 6 to 7 new paying customers a month.

Should the service you sold them be at R 5000 that would mean that you would add an extra R 30 000 per month to your bottom line and that is only for one keywords things really get crazy when you add 15 to 20 keywords that you are ranking at the top of the search engines.

Pro Tip: Want to rank for keywords make sure to get a Professional to do your SEO and don’t go cheap, SEO takes time and it’s a skill that most people and agencies get all wrong.

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4) Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

Using pay per click advertising to complement your online lead generation strategy to generate more leads is a must in every digital marketing campaign for 3 reasons.

1) Quick and instant results – when it comes to PPC or Adwords it has a huge advantage to SEO, this is that you turn on the machine and you get instant traffic to your site, allowing you to get to the top of google ads on the day you turn the campaign on.

Should you have mastered these 3 aspects of Adwords mastery 

1.1) Expected clickthrough rate 

1.2) Ad relevance to your targeted search terms

1.3) Landing page experience is amazing.

There are other factors that come into play but these in our opinion is what makes google give you a great quality score and will allow you to get more out of your AdWords budget.

2) Extremely Targeted Traffic and leads – PPC can give you the ability to target potential clients in a specific demographic and target them on the time of day that they are online looking for your product or services. Marking it an amazing way to get your ad in front of the right people at the right time.

Total Google Page Domination – So you have your website on page one with SEO and the leads are coming in like crazy, now the thing is that there are 10 organic spots on Google’s page and most times 7 paid ad spots. Now imagine if you could have the top organic spot and the top paid ads spot. This would mean that you would be given more google real estate and a higher percentage of getting those searchers to your website, allowing your website more chance to convert them as a lead and potential client. 


Bonus Strategy Social Media Marketing

People love being social and online is no different. Now that you have all the above in place the only thing left to do is to have your social media talking to your digital marketing campaign and to your website.

Since you know your ideal customer as we mentioned above, you should know where they are being social online.

But here are the top social media platform that every building contractor should be on.

Facebook – You should have a facebook business page, not a profile. Facebook allows you to be social with your current clients and potential clients, some great features of having a business page is that you can collect reviews from your clients, you can have them following you even though that sounds creepy, you can post videos and pictures of current and past building jobs and then send those clients the posts and get them to like and share that post with their friends and family, trust us everyone likes to show off a new build they added to their house or business

Instagram – Since you are a business and Instagram is owned by facebook you should have an Instagram business account too. Here you can post images and get people to share them and like the images you post.

LinkedIn – You are a business and LinkedIn is the best business platform to network on with other business people.

Quite like facebook, you can collect reviews from your clients, you can have them following you, you can post videos and pictures of current and past building jobs and then send those clients the posts and get them to like and share that post. The only thing is LinkedIn is a Professional Network and you need to be professional here.

Pinterest – Here you create boards and pin pictures on them, just like you may have done at home or at the office with a cork picture board, well Pinterest has taken this online. Here you are going to want to put finished images of the jobs as Pinterest users are made up of 70% woman and the majority are under 40 years of age. If your target audience is men over the age of 40, then Pinterest is not for your business.

Twitter – Even though some are saying that Twitter is dying, they still have millions of active users. Twitter is a social networking site that relies on micro-blogging for communication. By typing short, 140 character messages users can communicate with their followers and get information spread around. You don’t want to leave this powerhouse out

Houzz – Founded in 2008 and getting some huge traction worldwide in home renovation and design space and hit southern Africa a few years ago. This platform connects homeowners and home professionals giving them all the tools they need to communicate and educate on what material the homeowner is going to need to renovate with confidence. So if you are a Home renovator, Builder or design expert you should be on Houzz.

Wow, you got this far!

We are sure that you now have a solid strategy on how to get more targeted traffic and leads to your business online.

But how to do this all and you don’t have the time to worry about digital marketing for your building or renovation company? Not to worry.

Build Marketing has used these 4 strategies to generate amazing results and leads for builders and building contractors just like you.

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