Regardless of what your business sells or its size, every company owner must know the significance of personalising the online experience for customers. This good habit helps organisations differentiate themselves from competitors and build long-term customer relationships. It can also help them increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Besides offering them customised products or services, you can attract more buyers to your establishment by working with a professional agency and learning to personalise your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. 

This article will explain how personalised SEO works, what you should work on, and how those factors analyse customer action. 

What Are the Where’s and How’s of Personalised SEO?

Individuals won’t receive identical search results even when using the same search terms. That’s because search engines use available data to personalise results for each user, and the personalisation level varies based on the search data and how businesses use this information. Whenever someone uses a search engine, they provide information about their location, language, device, and search history, which algorithms then use to customise results.

3 Crucial Areas to Work on for Personalised SEO Strategies

After explaining how personalised SEO works, this section will enumerate what you and your selected agency should work on for a personalised strategy. 

1. Language and Country 

When users find something online, they like to see the results in the same language they used for the search. It’s also even better if the language remains consistent when they click on a website. The search engine algorithms consider the user’s language and country to rank and display the content.

2. Location-Specific Search Personalisation

Search engine algorithms can now customise search results according to the individual’s location. It can be as broad as their state, city or town or as precise as the street they are currently on. The algorithm also considers the locale while searching for content relevant to the individual’s location.

3. Prior Search Language and Click History

Search engines collect data on your search history, browser history, and clicks to customise search results for every user. It allows businesses to customise their SEO strategies.

How Does Language Analyse Action?

You can target search traffic for multiple languages in multiple countries by optimising your site content to surface tailored content for each personalised search experience. It means translating content, creating subfolders or subdomains, or using hreflang tags to signal the language of a specific page to search engines.

For instance, a global appliance manufacturer must have optimised content for different languages and countries to provide a personalised experience for customers and help them find branded content in their language. This good practice can help the company rank and surface content for customers in different regions. 

How Does Location-Specific Search Personalisation Analyse Action?

When targeting a local audience, you must ensure your website has content specific to that location. Create landing pages for each area that include business details, hours, addresses, and maps. For instance, an urgent care provider uses location data to attract more patients to their five locations by optimising their web content to appear in personalised search results for users in a specific area.

How Does Prior Search Language and Click History Analyse Action?

Instagram and Google use search algorithms to tailor content based on your past search history and engagement. And as a business owner, you must create and publish content that search engines can use by optimising for longer-tail vernacular and natural language queries. Also, don’t forget to identify target keywords and track rankings, traffic, and conversions.


Personalisation allows customers to find the nearest product or service in their locality and help businesses build better relationships with site visitors. You can gain more customers by optimising your content and working with a professional SEO agency. 

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