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 “‘This is how it’s going to work. First, we are going to make you jump through some hoops by filling out our discovery form, your answers show us how serious you are in your business and how serious you want a digital marketing agency to build out a strategy for your business.

We offer this in an easy to follow and understand video recorded digital marketing strategy and audit. That’s why the name Build Marketing.

In this video we go over the digital battlefield of your industry that you currently do or don’t play in, That’s why its custom, we look at what digital avenue your company should play in and build from there.

We also take a look at what you are currently doing and how that is stacks up to what your competitors are doing, based on all this we custom build a digital marketing strategy tailored for your business and the digital battlefield that it plays in.

Now we value this strategy at R 10 000 it’s a digital marketing blueprint of what we would use on our clients to meet their goals and ambitions. The only difference is we are not executing it. More on that later…

But not to worry we aren’t going to charge you R10K, we have decided that whoever comes from this page would get a free session, that’s a 100% discount from what we normally would charge.

“But your competitors are also giving these away right?” Yes, they are giving away the automated SEO audit and automated website audits we also give those away here are the top 2 websites that people use.


Oops!!! that was three websites, if you are looking for a generic website audit you can get them free above.

Back to the custom blueprint conversation between us.

This fee is two-fold, it tells us that you are very dedicated and it helps us with the amount of coffee that we drink. No just kidding, it helps us on man-hour costs it takes to do this digital marketing blueprint strategy for you.

Now back to the part about the execution the actual carrying out the work, doing the leg work, getting the job done. I think you get the idea.

Working with Build Marketing all depends on time and space we have and mostly if we can truly help your business and meet set out expectations. If and when we are 100% certain that we can help your business! Then and only then will we ask if you would like us to partner with you as your digital marketing agency? or you could say your off-site CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and welcome you as our newest member of our digital marketing family.

In the video everything we discuss of our findings and understanding of your industries digital marketing battlefield. That you may or may not be playing in at the moment and we show you just how you can implement what we suggest, you might just want to give it to your so-called IT guy to get it done for you.

Why do this and sell this valuable information?

Well in short, we prefer to show you what we can do than to sell it upon you.

This way we don’t charge you a monthly retainer fee and after handing over the video proudly stamped by Build Marketing. We are sure that you will get great value out of it and we hope to impress you so much that it causes the same effect on you as it does on the people that have gone through this process with us.

Most of the time people are so impressed by the end of our digital marketing strategy session, they ask us to become one of the newest members of our digital family and SEO Cape Town Client.

What’s the catch? There is no catch-all we want to do is prove our worth and discover if we are going to be a good fit to work together again in the near future.

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why choose

Build Marketing Digital Marketing Services

At Build Marketing we know that doing business is tough and only the strongest will survive. We will do whatever it takes to leave your competitors eating your dust and wondering how you are doing it all because you have digital marketing agency near me.

Digital Marketing Agency

That’s why traffic is nothing to us and it doesn’t matter how many people visit your website if they don’t turn into cold hard cash in the bank you are simply wasting your advertising budget and throwing away your hard earned money away.

We dedicate our Digital Marketing Agency time to figure out your business and how to attract your ideal customer sending them to your high converting funnel that we create for you. Making sure that we cover every angle by gathering information from the people that are the front line of your business usually you, your sales team or your receptionist.

Nobody knows your business better than you and your team,

the We look to understand exactly what your customers want. By working with you and your team to build a powerful system that will bring in a consistent flow of your ideal leads and customers hungry to do business with you with their wallets out all you have to do is take their money! 

That’s not all, we make sure that everything we do is tracked and airtight because we track everything making any improvements or changes to your campaign is never a guessing game so use the best keyword tracker around.

There are too many agencies and digital marketing experts that thumb suck and throw anything at the wall in the hopes it sticks.

In our digital marketing agency , we look at the data and make a sound decision from it, so that you can work on your business and not in your business by hiring our digital marketing agency services .


We always turn advertising into profit

Using our unique Lead Generation digital marketing agency calculator we can determine the success of any lead generation campaign before we even begin.

Yes Digital marketing costs money and has its risks.


When most digital marketing agency or agencies have it wrong, focusing on click and unqualified traffic, that you cannot take to the bank.


We are a ROAS and performance-driven digital marketing agency south africa that consistently turns R1 into R3. Using our simple but powerful system.
In 4 easy steps….



We send a steady stream of quality traffic of your ideal lead or customer who are hunting for your offer to your lead generation funnel by using our digital marketing agency propriety system to do so.



Increasing the amount traffic is great but the part where all the magic happens is when they turn into buyers by implementing propriety systems that help’s double and even triple your sales .



Time to bring the ones that didn’t convert into leads. by following them around the internet with a timely and compelling offer, to come back and see what you have to offer, re-targeting is just one of the reasons our system converts best



We set up an automated system that nurtures your prospects for you so that when it’s time to get them on the phone, they are pre-sold on what you have to offer and all you have to do is wait for them to ask you for the sale and then go in for the kill

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“The sheer ingenuity and passion for excellence of the Build Marketing as our digital marketing agency, has placed our Company in the top of our field. Their commitment to our vision remains unsurpassed……the best decision we have ever made was to utilize the services of this Agency.
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