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Do you have an email to just catch leads? Our clients do!!!!

The journey getting there is the greatest rewards.

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Imagine, there is an automated way to qualify an inbound digital lead, make a sale and welcome as a new client, then allowing the prospect to choose the time that they want to be contacted back about your service/product or offer and then and only then will a human touch happen. And best of All you are under complete control.

You can see it in action here on our home page:

https://buildmarketing.co.za/ We use it in our business. Maybe you want to use it in yours if you do let us know by completing the process and booking a call with us.

So this is what we did and I am going to do my best to break it down for you in the best possible way to better understand it.

In my own words here it goes.

Using an interactive contact form that asks specific questions that you would normally ask to an inbound prospect to qualify them before sending a quote or creating a proposal for the day of the sales meeting.

EG: Construction Industry questions

Residential or commercial?
Do you have building plans?
Yes or no
Yes, you do great can you upload them at this time?
yes Or No

Yes, Great please upload them here…

What date are you planning to start your project? (date picker)

And so it goes on asking specific questions that you need to be answered to qualify your potential client, not only taking just their name, email, contact information and message as a normal lead generation website will do.

Once this is complete the business gets sent an email with all the details that the prospect filled out and the site sends the prospect to a booking calendar page where they can book a time and date that they would like to be contacted back by the business or even a sit down meeting with the business. Now, remember you have the ability to accept or reject a booking.


Then automatically it updates a Google spreadsheet that can be shared by a team with the booking’s details.


As the admin of the system, I get to see things inside of the booking calendar platform: Hint, hint, nudge, nudge so will you.


Booking image Source: my booking profile in Book Like a Boss.

The booking calendar has the ability to send out email reminders about call or meeting, the set I use in my sequences is like this meeting 3 days before, 1 day before,3 hours before and 1 hour.


While this is happening another automation is taking place where a proposal software, creates a templated proposal for each prospect and saves it in a draft.

All that is needed is to go over the information sent and complete the proposal by adding a human touch to it add the correct products or services and pricing so that it’s ready for the prospects visit, meeting or sales call. On the day that they choose and was asked to add it to their calendar in the confirmation email that Book Like A Boss sends out when a booking is completed.

When you have the prospect on a call or in a meeting that’s when you are going to present the proposal and ask for the sale, always ask for the sale and never send the proposal out without talking the prospect though it and getting the opportunity to ask for the sale.

The proposal is a digital proposal that the prospect can view, download into PDF. Leaving no paper trail for the environment. Apart from should, one wishes to print, remember always think about our environment before printing. Now back to the explanation.

After asking for the sale and closing the deal all the prospect has to do to become a client is to sign the digital copy in the signature box and click on the accept button.


Image Source: My better proposals Account

The system will record the name, IP, time and date of signature making this an electronic acceptance of a proposal

Once this action takes place a new project is automatically created in our project management system Basecamp and another automation sends an email to the now new client with a Welcome Pack or Welcome Letter with this email we have our last interactive form collect the last bits of information to complete the onboarding process.

Only to trigger an automated action in our online accounting software to create a new client with the details it’s given and create its first invoice then save to draft for review to add product or service and pricing and send it off.

In our business, once this has all been completed by this time our team all has the brief and access they need to get to work on the project at a team level.


Image: source our Basecamp pre-made template.

Now for the thing that will separate serious people from the non-serious people.

What’s the cost to run this system a month?

Disclaimer: We do not have any affiliation with any of the mentioned companies and or products. We are actually clients of these companies.

  • Google Suite starts at $6 per user/month/ The monthly cost to run this:
  • Book Like a Boss  starts at $9 per user/month/
  • Better Proposals Starts at $49 3 users/month
  • Basecamp is $99 unlimited users/month
  • Zapier $24.99 / month

Total of $187.99 /month and for our ZAR’s we will spend R 2775.10/ month for this set

Is this a lot, sure it is.

Will it bring back return on investment? I bet you.

Think how many hours you or your team is currently spending to get these tasks done and what can be achieve with the spare time provided by this set up and depending on the industry you might not need to use basecamp in business as an agency its the tool we use and love its a preference thing that’s all.

Final Thoughts: It took me all this time to tell how to automate some really boring mundane tasks didn’t it. I really hope this all made sense and if you have any questions hit me up in the comments below.

Until next time.




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