Whether you’re an experienced SEO professional or a website owner dipping your toes into the waters of search engine optimization, understanding the ins and outs of various tools available at our disposal is vital for success. One such powerful resource we’ll be uncovering today is the Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool – an essential asset capable of providing invaluable insights and fine-tuning your website’s visibility in search results.

This comprehensive guide is tailored to provide a detailed understanding of the Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool, highlighting its key features and benefits while offering practical tips to help South African businesses make the most of this versatile instrument. From indexing and crawlability analysis to structured data and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) validation, we’ll be exploring every aspect of this powerful SEO asset in the following sections.

At Build Marketing, we’re committed to helping businesses in Cape Town and across South Africa stay ahead in the digital landscape by providing expert guidance and leveraging the latest tools and strategies. We invite you to join us on this intriguing journey as we delve deep into the workings of the Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool and uncover the secrets to unlock its full potential.

Introduction to the URL Inspection Tool: A Quick Overview

The Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool is a versatile feature within the platform that allows website owners and SEO professionals to analyse individual URLs on their website directly. It provides essential information about indexing, crawlability, canonical URLs, structured data, and AMP validation, offering actionable insights to help you optimise your site’s performance in search results.

By simply inputting the URL you want to analyse, Google Search Console will generate a detailed overview of the chosen page, covering various aspects related to how Google sees and understands the content.

Indexing and Crawlability: Ensuring Your Content is Visible

One of the primary functions of the URL Inspection Tool is to provide information about the indexing status and crawlability of a given URL. This is crucial in ensuring that your content is visible and accessible to search engines, maximising your website’s exposure in search results. The tool offers two types of indexing checks:

  1. Live Test: Performs a real-time check of the URL’s indexability, providing immediate feedback on any issues or problems encountered during the crawl.
  2. Google Index: Shows the indexing status of the URL as it appears in Google’s stored data, indicating whether the page is currently indexed or not.

If the tool detects any crawl or indexing issues, it will provide details on the nature of the problem, allowing you to take corrective action and request re-indexing once the issue has been resolved.

Unravelling the Canonical URL Mystery

A canonical URL is the preferred version of a webpage that may have duplicate or similar content across multiple URLs. It helps search engines like Google understand which version of the website to index and display in search results. The URL Inspection Tool offers insights into the canonical URL selected by Google for a specific page, helping you ensure that your unique and valuable content isn’t competing with duplicate or outdated versions.

By understanding how Google perceives canonical URLs on your site, you can make informed decisions about your content strategy and address any potential issues that could be affecting your search performance.

Structured Data and Rich Snippet Analysis

Structured data on your website allows search engines to better comprehend your content, enabling them to generate rich snippets that can enhance your site’s visibility and click-through rate in search results. The URL Inspection Tool provides useful information about the structured data implemented on a particular page, making it easier for you to identify and fix any issues with your site’s markup.

If your structured data is correctly implemented, the tool will highlight the rich snippet generated from the data, providing you with a visual representation of how your content may appear in search results. Any errors or warnings detected will be flagged, allowing you to make necessary adjustments and improve the effectiveness of your structured data implementation.

Getting Compliant: Mobile Usability and AMP Validation

With more and more internet users browsing the web on their mobile devices, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and compliant with Google’s mobile-first indexing guidelines is of paramount importance. The URL Inspection Tool offers insights into your site’s mobile usability and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) compliance, helping you identify potential issues that could be affecting your mobile search performance.

A successful mobile usability check will confirm that the page is free from common mobile issues such as small text, touch elements being too close, and incorrect viewport configuration. If AMP is implemented on your site, the tool will also validate the AMP version of the URL and identify any issues related to AMP markup or configuration.


By mastering the capabilities of the Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool, you’ll be well-equipped to gain valuable insights into your site’s performance on an individual URL level, allowing you to address specific issues and optimise your content for optimum search visibility.

Armed with the knowledge gained from this comprehensive guide, South African businesses can leverage the full potential of this powerful SEO asset, unlocking the secrets to improving their website’s visibility in search results and achieving long-term online success.

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